Introducing “Crossing the Yellow Blocks” Docuseries

xplaining the meaning of specific innovation in everyday life is not an easy task, Why? Being able to grab someone’s attention is essential and a difficult task, especially in our fast-paced world, and due to such a variety of news sources readily available, getting your point across is a challenge.

Step-by-step, the world is entering the crypto and blockchain field. Bitcoin’s price is constantly smashing through barriers while crypto-adoption and the evolution of blockchain technology are constant topics that are seen across all types of media.

One simple search on Google will uncover thousands of articles covering crypto topics and updates while a huge number of newsletters are being sent out. With all this news and more coins being announced every day, one must ask the question — Do they help the general public understand the concept of blockchain? Does it help us to cross the crypto chasm and push this “new reality” to the “mass adoption” stage which every influencer and every media is talking about?

The quick answer is no. The crypto and blockchain market does not offer these types of quick answers that today’s society craves. There are a few blockchain academies available, but content comes at random times and is very time-consuming.

This article will dive deep into a tool that has never failed in its operation, a tool that provides the quick results that society craves, a tool that everyone will want to have.

Let me set the tone for you — You are sitting at your desk wanting to know more about blockchain and cryptocurrency before diving into the industry. You look for a full-on documentary explaining the ins and outs of the industry (like you would for any topic on google). Instead of finding hundreds of articles that are too confusing to read, you come across a docuseries that will explain all the necessary details and give you a proper perspective through the use of numbers and visualization.

This is exactly what we are happy to announce — a docuseries explaining the blockchain and cryptocurrencies core concepts to the masses.

A documentary series that fully reveals the essence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With every minute of viewing, with every episode, the viewer will be immersed in the most subtle aspects of this innovative technology. And all these people will learn through documentary film.

This colossal demand will involve anticipating the entertainment and information needs of the viewers. Questions like “What the Blockchain is?”, “How to use it?” will take center stage. This is what the industry lacks today.

Why are we doing this?

Our team is made up of individuals with vast amounts of experience in the film industry. Therefore, our project is deemed to be successful, and the documentary will be of the highest quality possible.

We are professionals in our field, and we want to implement this experience in the world of cryptocurrencies, making the concept of crypto and blockchain understandable and accessible to everyone in this world.

So, why would filmmakers want to produce a documentary on cryptocurrencies?

We are all working towards one goal — introducing tokenization into the film industry. How will we do this? By being revolutionary, giving it the opportunity to evolve and enter the digital world with dignity.

We want to create demand for this type of film production through a new and innovative entrepreneurial vision to penetrate the market. Something no one has ever seen. As we believe this is the way to push mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

With the advent of blockchain technologies, smart contracts, and ERC-20 tokens into our lives, they have created stunning opportunities for developers in the field of creating products, services, and tokenizing valuable assets.

Decentralization and financial freedom have fueled the incredible growth of decentralized marketplaces and cryptocurrencies, leaving the traditional financial world behind with its outdated tools. It is enough to look at the achievements of Bitcoin and DeFi to understand — THIS IS OUR FUTURE!

Rapid capitalization growth of the crypto market provoked a huge interest in the subject of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency from the audience. We would love to help people to have a better understanding of the industry with help of Crossing the Yellow Blocks project!

Our burning desire to create this documentary is to show the world the FUTURE. The social side of this innovative technology brings about new horizons such as financial proposals and multimedia content.

When it comes to making the most out of the success of the new trends in the blockchain field, the DeFi Initial Offering is the go-to solution that allows projects to bypass centralized exchanges and their limitations and restrictions in terms of fundraising and functionality. At the same time, traditional systems have proven to be incapable of catering to the technological requirements and challenges of modern times.

Decentralized management and validation implemented through the use of blockchain technologies and smart contracts is the optimal choice for modern startups seeking to streamline their development pathway and ensure traction. It allows achieving all of the necessary steps from project launch to development with high levels of efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring a technological base that provides scaling.

However, the launch and successful adoption of decentralized financial solutions require the availability of a developed decentralized infrastructure capable of supporting the influx of users, applications, and transaction processes. Decentralized exchanges are being proposed as the sole and optimal solution for achieving the functioning and operability of such infrastructure on a global scale, following the idea, Crossing The Yellow Blocks will be launching the Yellow Dapp in the upcoming months after reaching the stage of the public sale in the second quoter of 2021.

The goal of the Crossing the Yellow Blocks project is to optimize the operational capabilities of interlinked systems with shared processes through the use of the CBK Token. Such an undertaking represents the essence of the application of blockchain technologies. Given the massive growth of adoption and volume of the DeFi market sector, users are increasingly seeking new methods of value exchange. The entry of a new player in the form of our project’s offering onto the market is a direct response to demand means to offer services capable of providing the necessary levels of liquidity.

Crossing The Yellow Blocks production team on a shooting in NY and Thailand 2019.

The availability of extensive functionality and the possibility of expanding it based on user requirements and feedback is another value-added feature of Crossing the Yellow Blocks idea, which will ensure its sustained development and adaptability to market requirements and dynamics.

Such development has been demonstrated by projects, such as Compound, which have thrived on the market by offering new financial instruments tailored to operate on blockchain technologies. Only the innovative approach is capable of achieving success in a highly competitive market dominated by user preference and requirements. Given the growing adoption of decentralized solutions and the increasing numbers of new users, the supply of supporting solutions has to keep pace with demand.

A shining example of the preferences of new users towards decentralized exchanges is the Uniswap Decentralized Exchange, which has revolutionized the concept of financial freedom and allowed users to freely use cryptocurrencies for practical applications. The availability of liquidity and the centricity of the infrastructure around it is the key to the financial success of a market, and the decentralized finance market is adapting to such realities.

The CBK Token, which is designed to operate on the Ethereum network, will allow DeFi market participants to interact with the development of blockchain projects on the market, take part in a Community-Driven DAO
The CBK Token, which is designed to operate on the Ethereum network, will allow DeFi market participants to interact with the development of blockchain projects on the market, take part in a Community-Driven DAO.

Crossing The Yellow Blocks is determined to provide liquidity and contribute to the mass adoption of decentralized financial solutions. The CBK Token, which is designed to operate on the Ethereum network, will allow Defi market participants to take part in the proposed Community-Driven film production, and gain insights into blockchain market developments.

The implementation of the Crossing the Yellow Blocks ideas and the launch of the CBK Token into circulation are certain to become important milestones in the adoption of decentralized solutions and their achievement of dominance over centralized film funding.

We are happy to hear your feedback!

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