Key-Value Drivers Explained — CBK token


CBK is a utility token. In this post, I would like to summarize and demonstrate the key market demand drivers for quick DYOR. I mean, the elements that will drive the market demand on CBK tokens.

Hope this post helps you understand our vision on the future of CBK token from the point of view of its use-cases.

The Yellow DAPP

CBK receives buy order at spot market when the Yellow Dapp auto-executes orders on DEXs. Our version of well-known buybacks.

CBK decreases its supply when the Yellow Dapp executes periodic tokenburns.

The CBK pools receive liquidity allocations when the Yellow Dapp auto-executes “Add Liquidity” orders.

The CBK token gets market orders when users interact with content, our Blockchain-Based VOD platform.

Link to transaction

The CBK token is used when paying for online events tickets.

To be activated in Q2 2021.

CBK token is the native token in our NFT-based royalty management protocol for the film industry.

Scheduled for Q3 2022.

It's also good to mention that CBK increases its liquidity when holders farm their CBK in ApeSwap Yield Farming. By staking CBK/BUSD you can earn the project token from our partner ApeSwap Finance.



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